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 "Reflections" Series

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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these reproductions will be donated to VSA Arts of Washington. VSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing art opportunities to persons with disABILITIES and advocating for equal access to the arts. for equal

Red Boat / Crimson Lake


Blue Boat


Swimming North




What A Pair



Seeing / Being


Color Wheel


Butterfly Dreams


Ballard Lochs


Pea Soup Morning


Old Man Trees


More Of The Bubbly




Chess In The Park


Bird Sanctuary


Butterfly Sky


Sailor Moon


Cabbage Rose


Foggy Windows


Lily Garden


The Inner Lily


Moon Dancing


City Blues




Walk It On Out


Through One Eye


Blue Orchids


Butterfly Flower


Mom's Rose


Two Tulips

Purple Flowers

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 Special Thank you to everyone who generously supported this project. 

Thank you to Joan's dear friend 
Celia Casper for her computer knowledge
and  creative support,

Josie at Wise Designz  Custom Framing for her talent, guidance and continued support,

 Image Masters / Spider Media for their efforts and dedication to   perfection of these reproductions,

Additional appreciation goes to Jim Flury for his long and special
friendship and mentoring of Joan's work
of course, to all of Joan's dear friends and beloved family for their
lifetime of love and support.